#VaccinesWork. ... polio, measles, and tuberculosis

vrijdag 19 april 2019

Vaccines save lives, and the effort to #endpolio is proof that #VaccinesWork. This week is World Immunization Week, and it’s an opportunity for the world to reflect on the work being done to protect children from vaccine-preventable diseases like polio, measles, and tuberculosis.


Through the global fight to #endpolio, @RotaryInternational and its partners have protected more than 2.5 billion children from polio. Because of their work and the efforts of tens of thousands of health workers, polio will one day soon be a distant memory.


#TBT When Brazil faced dangerously low immunization rates, Rotary members sprang into action by organizing a massive national immunization campaign. 95% of kids age one to five were vaccinated against diseases like polio and measles, reversing Brazil’s plummeting vaccination coverage. #VaccinesWork